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Artisans & Makers

This page is for artisans and makers only

Welcome to the Artisans & Makers information page. This page will give you all the information you need for our upcoming events.

Welcome to the artisan show

More information coming soon. 



The event times are normally put in place for multiple reasons, and to achieve the best experience's for not only the visitors but Artisans too.

Please do not start packing down until after the event end time, visitors will be asked to make their way off site before any vehicles can be allowed to come in. NO VEHICLE MOVEMENT WILL BE PERMITED UNTIL EVERYONE IS OFF SITE.


Rubbish is always one of our main concerns making sure everywhere is looking clean and tidy, there will be an area for Artisan rubbish if needed. Please do not use the bins as these fill up quickly with heavy traffic from our many visitors. All Artisans will be provided with a black bag for you to keep your stand looking lovely and where possible please take home all your rubbish. Our Locations are stunning and the last thing anyone wants to see ( especially the owners) is litter blowing around their grounds. If you need any extra bags or anything involing rubbish please just let us know. 


Please make sure you have sent us your updated public liability insurance, we must see a copy from all Artisans and Makers before the event. If you are waiting for a renewal please let us know. PLEASE NOTE ALL ARTISANS MUST HAVE A VALID PLI CERTIFICATE.


Please make sure you keep to your allocated time slots for setting up, the time slots make setting up times run smoothly and more efficiently. For those wishing to come on the morning of the event please arrive at the time allocated, all vehicles must be moved off site by 08:45 at the latest and parked in the designated Artisan areas. NO VEHICLES WILL BE PERMITTED ON SITE DURING THE EVENT. 


We take great care when choosing who attends The Artisan Show, and the quality on display at the previous years shows has been incredible!

We receive many emails and comments from visitors about the artists beautiful displays. So as a incentive we award our Artisans and makers 'The Best Dressed Stand Award' there is two awards 1st prize and runner up. 1st Prize* is a free pitch next year and runner up* is a half price pitch next year. We will be looking at the presentation of the stand and the display on show of handmade pieces. 

*Please note, your pitch fee paid on the winning year will be credited towards the following years pitch.

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